Keep yourself healthy & fit

PhysioMentor strives for your mental and physical health. Our mission
is to prioritize your health, keeping you active and fit.

What we do

Providing Physical care for everyone in our community


Repair & restore human body functionalities.

Cupping / Hijama

For pain, inflammation, relaxation & blood flow.

dry Needling

Stimulate muscles & relieves trigger points.

KT Taping

Relieves pain and heals the injury quickly.

our practice

We provide top quality healthcare.

Physiomentor provides you with the best health and fitness regimes, by incorporating rehabilitation and exercise programs. All diseases and injuries are treated using top notch modalities and effective plan of care, considering your comfort & ease.

Fully equipped Environment

Patients are provided with fully equipped & comfortable environment, along with health prioritizing the patient’s privacy.

Quality Digital Modalities

Imported high quality therapeutic modalities are present including ultrasonic, EMS, TENS, massage guns, heating pads, traction devices.

Physiotherapy Call


our Expertise

Diseases we cure

At Physiomentor, we provide treatment of all possible diseases and injuries through physical therapy regimes. Here we highlighted the major anomalies.

Frozen Shoulder
Facial/Bells Palsy
Erb’s Palsy
Tennis Elbow
Back Pain

Dr. Abdul Qadeer


our practice

We provide top quality healthcare

Physiomentor is here to serve you with the valuable healthcare services, because your life matters. You are just a call away, home services are also available. Patients get quality treatment within their comfort zone. Your satisfaction is our priority.

  • Professional Physiotherapy Service
  • Imported Digital modalities
  • Advanced Machinery available
  • Restore your lost ranges
  • Hijama Home Service Available
  • Highly Experienced Staff
  • Home Services Available
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Past Experience

Worked as a detailed oriented Physiotherapist at different hospitals of District Faisalabad.

Physio Practice

fully dedicated to your Physical health

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our Testimonials

Clients Reviews

Our client reviews matters to us, and helps us to stay motivated and bring improvements to our system.

Rayan Ali


My daughter suffered from severe attack of Laqwa, Dr Abdul Qadeer diagnosed the issue and after 2 weeks of treatment she completely recovered.

Areeb Ahmed


Due to stroke my grandmother got one side paralysis. Dr Abdul Qadeer marvelled with his one month of treatment and now her recovery is astonishing.

Saad Farooq


Dr Abdul Qadeer is very experienced, passionate, cooperative and a good listener, he fixed my 2 years old sciatica pain, Really thankful to him.

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We find the proper treatment for every patient

Are you worried about your physical health, lost ranges or other kinds of physical health problems, stop worrying from now on.

Pick up your phone and book an appointment with Doctor Abdul Qadeer PT, and get rid of your acute or chronic health related issues.